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Altunizade Koru Dream Houses

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Starting Price: $ 10000000
Ending Price: $ 10000000

Peace inside, life outside.

Designed by the renowned Tasyapi construction, which is well-known for its opulent residential complexes, the Kosuyolu Koru Residence is a modern masterpiece that is much more than bedrooms and bathrooms… it is a tribute to iconic architecture.

With unparalleled, panoramic views overlooking the green foreground of Kosuyolu park and the twinkling city lights of Istanbul, it is located 1 km from the July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge and has easy access to the Eurasia Tunnel.

A stunning view to match a stunning home. Floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings, and a neutral palette allow the view to be center stage. We offer a limited stock for foreign buyers, with 3–6 bedroom, spacious master suites serving as book-ends to the home.

A very special project in Altunizade, the favorite district of Istanbul, next to the Validebağ Grove, next to the 15 July Martyrs’ Bridge, which brings luxury and greenery together; Kosuyolu Koru Houses.

An aesthetic structure planned down to the smallest details so that nothing is missing in your life, so that you can experience comfort and pleasure together…

Kosuyolu Koru Evleri makes you forget that you are in the city and offers a life that includes all the colors and calmness of nature, and thanks to its central location, it allows you to live without breaking the pace of life.

You will feel like you are breathing in the city while breathing the fresh air accompanied by the chirping of birds and enjoying the view of the grove.

Location: We know how valuable your time is.

Kosuyolu Koru Evleri is 1 km from the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and within walking distance of the Metro and Metrobus. It is in a miraculous location where you can easily access the Eurasia Tunnel and all connection roads.

Shopping is now very easy for you; Within walking distance of the Capitol, there are Akasya, Emaar and Tepe Nautilus 1 km away.

The most distinguished schools of the region such as Bilfen, Bahçeşehir, Eyüboğlu and Doğa Koleji are a few kilometers away. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital is right next to you.

Special facilities

They say finding parking in the city is a problem, definitely not here. In addition to the car parking areas allocated as the number of apartment rooms, there is a separate area for guest vehicles.

It is very easy and enjoyable to get away from the stress of city life, to live healthy and to do regular sports. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness / cardio facilities, sauna and steam rooms are as close to you as a single elevator.

Get out of your house, 5 minutes later you will be in the Validebağ Grove. You are really in the middle of a grove.

Quality friendships that will last for many years await you in the low-rise blocks of Koşuyolu Koru Evleri, which is the only site truly adjacent to Validebağ Grove.


In all blocks, there are 2 flats on each floor; There are no wall neighbors in the houses.

You will receive a safe service with OTIS quality in the elevators inside the block, and you will feel safe with regular maintenance.

While the roof aesthetically protects the building with the assurance of Rheinzink, it is absolutely maintenance-free with its titanium zinc material.

Now you have an alternative for all the things you don’t use but want to have nearby. The minimum 15 m2 locked storage rooms you can reach within the block offer a unique space only for you.

A net ceiling height of 2.65 meters completes the use of spacious apartments and makes your home life easier.

With its clear living room dimensions ranging from 50 to 88 square meters, in addition to the apartment architectures that offer many usage alternatives, the grove and sea view in your living room add joy to your life.

Each flat has a minimum of 3 bathrooms, including a shared bathroom, guest and parent bathrooms.

In addition to its technological possibilities, the kitchens receive the daylight at the maximum level and provide a spacious usage area.

Rehau, which reduces energy losses in the fields of heating, domestic water and wastewater installations, always supports your apartment by producing and using energy efficiently.

360 degree camera control, security team and 24/7 on-site patrol discipline are at your service so that you can always live safely and peacefully at your home.


3+1 Flats

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4+1 Flat

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