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Sea Pearl Ataköy

House Details

Starting Price: $ 10000000
Ending Price: $ 10000000

SeaPearl Ataköy, with its 1,200-meter coastline, is İstanbul’s only Premium seafront project, located right on the coast. Residents, can enjoy facilities for cycling, walking and running, as well as swimming and other offshore pursuits. Wherever you are in SeaPearl Ataköy, you can share the thrill of living by the marina with your loved ones.

At your new luxurious and splendid home, you will experience landscaping fit for a palace. The 33,000-sqm Baroque Garden, designed in accordance with Ottoman and French landscaping traditions, stretches like a magnificent bridge between you and the sea. You can leisurely explore lush walking trails, while relaxing by our island-concept biological pond.

All rooms in SeaPearl Ataköy open onto spacious, interconnected terraces with wooden paving and lush green spaces. The green of SeaPearl Ataköy stretching to the blue of the sea will be the backdrop to many of your most precious memories.

Basking in the sunshine of Ataköy from dawn till dusk is one of the best features of life at SeaPearl Ataköy. The soul-stirring morning view of the sunrise will end as a festival of color when the sun goes down.


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